The Poetry Competition

Kathleen Riley
TE 150
November 23, 2010

The Poetry Competition
Theresa Randall awoke on a Tuesday morning feeling groggy. She could barely sleep the night before due to her worry. The big poetry competition was that day. Mr. Moran, Theresa’s English teacher, had caught her writing poetry in her notebook instead of taking notes on the lecture, so he confiscated it. After reading it, Mr. Moran decided that Theresa had a real talent. So, instead of punishing her for not paying attention, he entered Theresa into the annual poetry competition. Theresa did not want to participate, but it was either that or deal with a detention. Explaining that would be out of the question, so Theresa had to compete.
When entering the ninth grade, all Theresa wanted to do was blend in with the other students. In middle school, she was always the center of attention, due to the fact that her father was the principal. Everyone called her the teacher’s pet, because the teachers would treat Theresa differently, not wanting to be fired. Moving up to high school, Theresa just wanted to be normal. Now she was being shoved into the spotlight again. Was it too much to ask to just let her be a normal kid? Theresa finally rolled out of bed and got into the shower. Getting dressed, Theresa thought, “I bet all of the other contestants are those artsy kids who dress funny and speak only in iambic pentameter.” While eating breakfast, Theresa sighed while looking over her poem. It needed to be memorized, so she thought of certain images in her head to help her remember. She had practiced it over and over in front of her mirror the night before, and felt pretty confident. She still didn’t want to participate, but if she had to, she would try her best.
Once at school, Theresa started to get nervous. She wanted to do well in this competition, because she didn’t know if Mr. Moran would be watching. Throughout all of her morning classes, Theresa could barely sit still. She just wanted the day to be...