The Peloponnesian Wars Timeline and Quotes

478BC Ousting Pausanias and Athens takes over Hellenic league |
Thucydides 1.95 | Pausanias acting in a dictatorial manner |
Herodotus 8.3.2 | Pausanias over weaning behaviour an excuse and took the leadership away |
475BC Hostility between Athens and Sparta |
Diodorus 50.2 | Spartan debated whether to go to war with Athenians over command of the sea |
This is the only source that mentions the meeting of the Spartan to discuss this, Diodorus date cannot be trusted because often he is very inaccurate |
470BC Naxos Revolt |
Thucydides 1.97 | This was the first allied city deprived of its freedom |
This comment leads the reader to see Athens relations with her allies as changing at this point – Thucydides interpretation possibly too grand |
465BC Thasos Revolt |
Diodoros 11.70.1 | The Thasians revolted from the Athenians following a dispute about the mines |
Thucydides   1.100.2 | The Thasians revoltedThe mine |
*Diodorus bases a lot of his history on historian called Ephoros (4th century)   who draws a lot his work from Thucydides so Diodoros may just be paraphrasing Thucydides |
461BC Athens aids Megara against Corinth – Beginning of Corinthian hostility towards Athens |
Thucydides 1.103.4 | The Megarian also revolted from the Spartans Built and garrisoned the Megarian long walls |
This is an example of Athenian treatment to other Greek states |
459/8BC Aigina enters war and is besieged by Athens and the forced to surrender |
Thucydides 1.105 | War broke out between the Athenians and the Aginetans |
Diodorus 11.70 | *Athenians tried to besieged Aigina to bring the Aginetans, who had revolted, under control Because It had success in naval engagement |
454BC Treasury moved from Delos to Athens – Athenian tribute list begins |
Plutarch, Pericles   12.1 | They had taken the common treasury from Delos and were guarding it securely |
Not contemporary   and so prone to be an anachronistic also more...