The Path...

The path is well-trodden but remains narrow. You can smell an intensive scent of ground after rain. The path is straight at first but when you look forward it begins to be winding.
Going along the path you can feel an aroma of heathers which are growing there like an enormous purple carpet. It is a quiet place and the only noises you can hear are birds which are floating by on the sky and heathers moving by the wind.
Suddenly just in front of me on the path appears little lamb. I don’t want to scare it so I am standing there without a move. I last in that position until I can hear bleat in a distance which lamb followed cleaning my way.
In a distance I can see a house. It isn’t the house you can see in towns. It’s colossal with a look of a castle. Ivy covers all its walls like a big green cloth.
Inside the house is gloomy and you can only see that is there because of a sunbeams coming through the window. There is very little furniture and the one are there are dilapidate, you can tell nobody was using them for a long time.
When you look out through a rear window you can notice a wide pond. The water in it is still, although time to time you can spot a spreading circles made by fish in the pond.
Just behind the pond is a wall. It is cover in ivy like the whole house but in different coloured ivy. When you take a look at the wall from a distance you can give the impression that it is in fire caused by red and yellow ivy layered the wall.
Beyond the wall is another path with a bus stop at it end. I think I will catch a bus home...