The Path of My Career

Practicum 1: “The Path of my Career”
My first practicum was very memorable. It trained my whole individuality and showed me the actual process and cycle of the whole segment of Tourism. For me, the real world of Tourism is quiet complicated because of it’s broad industry and sectors which are connected to one another. Our 2nd year curriculum was very helpful since it captures all the theoretical lessons and teachings so we managed to apply the practices and hands on training in the field.
In OJT the actual applications of learning , you should prepare yourself socially, mentally and emotionally and of course intellectually. Wide range of knowledge is needed, it serve as your weapon in that industry.
During the training I experienced a lot of things, how to create a package, costing of the tour, communicating the establishments and hotels needed in the services, answering inquiries, phone calls, receiving and sending fax messages, preparing proposals for the clients, booking order, confirmation slip, purchase order, vouchers, technical itineraries for the guest, depositing a money in the bank and also sales call to promote the package of the company. At first, I encountered difficulties but I adjust to this kind of environment to familiarize everything and absorb it for my gain. As time goes by things become easier since you constantly working on it. Your have an idea to do it effective and efficient but of course the Boss will finalize the decision.
My first experience was On the 2nd General Membership Meeting of QCTAA ( Quezon City Travel Association, INC.) held last April 8, 2011 at Imperial Palace Suites was very interesting. Many hotels, travel agencies, Telecommunication companies and even Airline Companies participate in this big affair. I’m proud to witness that kind of event. Meeting different people and Guest Speaker the US Embassy Consul General Michael Schimmel with her wife.
The most remarkable happy-sad moment in my life was when my...