The Pardoners Tale and a Simple Plan- Transformation

“How has the text set for study transformed and developed into a new context?”
The Pardoners Tale by Geoffrey Chaucer has been transformed and developed into a 20th century, contemporary context known as “A Simple Plan” by Sam Raimi. To support this, the similarities of the two texts will be discussed along with the roles of characters and their values. The quote “Greed of money is the root of all evil” will be discussed and will establish how the sins present in the texts can transform the lives and values of Individuals. Language and Textual forms will also be compared in addition to the transformation.
Firstly to understand the transformation between the two texts, you first need to compare the similar plots. In the Pardoners tale we witness a Pardoner’s confession about his wrong doings in order to make money; the quote “My entire preaching is centered on avarice and wickedness with the sole objective of making money” shows this. He does this by sermonizing and giving false tales to hosts and pilgrims who are guilty of sins. In doing so, those who will offer him gifts and money will be pardoned for sins by the pardoner himself. But to do this the pardoner engages the hosts into believing what he says by showing his papal bulls and other items that he claims has powers. He goes on to tell a false tail about three gluttons’/rioters who go on a quest to find and kill “Death” who had claimed the life of their friend and other pilgrims in the country. On their journey they find an old man who is badly injured. He directs them to a tree where he claims they will find “Death”, but as luck would have it they find gold coins under the tree and forget about “Death”. They end up killing each other for the greed of money, the quote “O Lord, he said to himself, if it could only come about that I could have all this treasure” shows one of the rioter’s plan to keep the money for himself.  
This has been transformed and developed into a contemporary movie “A Simple Plan”...