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Girls Who Bully: What, When, Where, Why and How     1

Girls Who Bully: What, When, Where, Why and How

    In my opinion, this was a very well written article containing valuable information for parents of girls that are being bullied. Girl bullying is a rising issue and concern mostly in schools today.   There is also a concern about why school officials aren’t doing more about it. Bullying has often times been seen as a normal part of growing up, but has become a far more serious problem within the last few years. When done by girls, bullying can be disguised, often times going unnoticed and unreported. Whether done by boys or girls, it can be detrimental to both the victim and the perpetrator emotionally and physically.
    The article entitled, Girls Who Bully: What, When, Where, Why and How by EduGuide Topics, defines bullying as repeated intentional actions that bring harm to an individual. I agree with this definition; however, I would add that bullying can also be a one time incident. The article gives a very accurate description of when, where, why and how bullying occurs. It also offers signs parents can look for if they suspect their child is being bullied.
    The article discusses a very key point that parents may not be aware of when asking the question, “Why do girls bully?”   It is the fact that bullying can be a learned behavior for girls. They may be bullied by parents or siblings at home and use this form of aggression in other settings as a form of control. The article goes on to list other reasons why girls may bully. These include feelings of insecurity, ways to get attention, the need to feel powerful, and other personal issues.
    How girls bully is also listed in the article and briefly discussed. The most popular is exclusion. Girls make a conscious decision to exclude the victim by ignoring or telling them to leave them alone. This type of behavior can lead to the victim having less self-esteem.
    Finally the article...