The Omnivore’s Delima Review Part !

The book Omnivore’s Delima by Michael Pollen really was an eye catcher and eye opener. It was very interesting to find out information on the foods we all eat on a daily. This book was broken up into three main section industrial corn, pastoral grass, and forest. I found them all educational and helpful to me in everyday life. Section on industrial corn really stood out the most to me. I found out a lot things I didn’t quite know about corn. Originally I just thought corn was the vegetable we eat but it is much more to it than that.
First of all, corn is everywhere and in everything we eat,   such as cows, chicken, pigs, and even some cereal. There are some traces of corn in some supermarkets and all the way back in the farms where the animals came from. Pollen breaks down the process of corn, you would be surprise that most people didn’t know this. Corn is produced way different than what we all think. Now, we start to think how else is corn produced, and what else corn is in. We would be surprised the list goes on and on.
Next, chapter 2 goes further more into depth about what farms corn is grown and sold on. Pollen starts off by introducing a farmer name George Naylor. The story was about George’s 1975 International Harvester tractor. Pollen then turned his attention back to corn after telling Naylor story. He then discussed how corn takes up a lot of space when it comes to other crops, animals, and even humans. When thinking about corn and how little of a grain it is you would have never thought it needs so much space.
Then there’s chapter 3, before reading it, I questioned myself like why was this chapter called “The Elevator”. This title could throw most people off and be like how Pollen just jumped from corn to an elevator. No need to confuse yourself before reading, “The Elevator “is window-less concrete office towers where the grain is sent. No matter if corn is genetically modified or not it tends to still end up together and go through a disaster...