The Nine Years War


"Hurry up! They are coming!" Shouted the officer.

The sound of boots hitting the blood stained ground echoed through the headquarters. Men were shouting orders of evacuation and the camp was thrown in total chaos. Men and women were grabbing they're belongings and sprinting for their lives. Gun fire sounded. There was a gradual silence. The last bullet sounded.

Thump! The sound of a limp body being piled up in a mass grave.

"The massacre here was devastating", a solider said.
"I know aye?" Relied another while heaving a very large man into the grave. "This is the least of it, I heard that there are more killing like this in other parts. This war is seriously getting out of hand."
"They say that the General is meeting with theirs in the next few days to sort out some agreement. This has never worked out in the past nine years, why do we think it's going to find an agreement now? I reckon they are just gonna shoot the General as soon as he walks in. This rise in aggressiveness must mean that they want to end this war too."
"Back to headquarters now!" Ordered a CUO, "we've done a good enough job with these useless bodies."

They formed in ranks and files so fast it was as though they were dragged in by a magnetic force. The soldiers started to hike back to their headquarters.

"Finally! We get some rest! Can't wait to get back."
"I know right, we haven't proper rest in so many days."

They reached the headquarters. There were many welcoming greetings. After dinner they sat around the campfire. They shared stories around the fire to lighten the mood. Some of the stories they shared were funny and others about their life and family back in the safe haven.

"Hey! You there! Come over. Tell us a story, you haven't said anything the whole night."
"Ummmm... Lemme think...think I have a story. The thick atmosphere almost suffocated me in this small, cramped shop. Slime filled those streets outside the shop. We worked harder today...