The New Deal vs. the Stimulous Package

The New Deal vs. the Stimulus Package
Each year and after every election America has seen different presidents do new things for its citizens. Each one has had a duty: which was to maintain American in a stable economic state and keep its citizens happy. However when rough times hit America, the president’s job is to provide plans and projects to help the U.S not fall apart. We as citizens have to carefully pick which plan is the best. These plans also take what is going wrong with the nation as a whole and address these issues as well That is exactly what president Roosevelt did when the Great Depression hit the U.S and what Barack Obama planned as well when the economic recession hit in 2007.
A prominent difference that exists between Obama’s Stimulus Plan and FDR’s New Deal is one that lies in the implementation. While FDR had to make use of convictive force in order to proceed with the implementation of the New Deal, Obama’s Stimulus Plan is one that will not require the execution of similar measures. In the days of FDR, it was a highly rigorous task for the federal government to acquire and exercise control over the economy. In the case of Obama’s administration, the channels that Obama has chosen to increase spending through shall allow the federal government to influence the economy without having to go through the same ordeals as FDR.
Agencies such as The Securities & Exchange Commission, the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Labor Relations Board had to be put into place before FDR’s New Deal could be put into place. Establishment of agencies such as these was necessary in order to ensure that the implementation of the New Deal was regulated and monitored. Obama’s Stimulus Plan however, shall not require the channeling of resources, time and effort towards the development of such agencies from scratch. In the case of the Stimulus Plan, the federal government has the option of assigning additional tasks or reassigning tasks for...