The Musicians' Den

Grammar and Composition, Composition #1
The Musicians’ Den

“An average living room,” is the standard opinion of ignorant visitors concerning this den, yet only its owners, who happen to be well-rounded musicians, can truly appreciate the functionality, memories, and nostalgic air that such a room possesses. With worn, beige colored, carpeted floors, white walls, and a white popcorn ceiling, one can easily understand the faux pas of the onlooker. Yet immediately upon entering, one does not notice the bland décor; rather, the eyes of the guest immediately fixate upon the beautiful upright Hardman piano centered against the wall opposing the entryway. Upon close inspection, glue residue, from once attached golden letters, forms the barely legible word “Hardman” above the ivory keys on the piano. A leather bench underneath has visibly suffered rips and tears throughout the years, so due to its wear, this magnificent instrument is obviously serving its purpose. Indicating multiple pianists, Frederick Chopin’s advanced “Nocturne in E flat Minor,” “Book Two of Bastien’s Intermediate Piano Series,” and “Book Four of Alfred’s Basic Piano Library,” all lie open upon the piano. Instantaneously, the viewer’s eyes wander towards two scratched and battered guitar cases, which lean against the right side of the piano. One can find, between the guitars, a small, tattered, and old flute case with a “Denver Broncos” sticker on its side. Issued by a brand name that is no longer in use, it can be concluded that it has been passed on from one generation to the next. As can be expected, a tall microphone stand also takes its place alongside its musical family, for what is melody without song? Still to the right of the instruments is a dusty, antique, mahogany desk, stained with the smell of cigarettes, upon which stacks of music are conveniently piled. Due to a glass of water on the desk, it is apparent that the singer must have recently finished practice. In addition, a large green...