The Muns

Second half of semester, ancient rome, and roman religion

There are 3 major types of religious practice ancient rome.   Tradition of rome which is superstition and agricultural festivals and fertility.   Stuff that predates to prehistoric history.

Death masks were placed inside of villa of patricia roman as evidence of their ancestors.   It was tied to tradition of death masks.   When someone would die, they would make a wax mask of the person's face and paint it.

*Vristic Portrait – Realistic Portrait.

Family was hugely important.   This starts with ancient romans.   As far back as historians can trace, there was an individual leader within the family whom was typically the oldest male.   **Pature Patrea

Vesta – Goddess of fire, it was tied to the burning of the hearth.   It was meant to create an eternity to rome.   As long as the fire burned, Rome would continue to progress. Prior to the imperial period power rested in the roman senate.   The senate eventually chose a leader to run the entire state.

Emperor augustus.   First Roman Emperor, he was the nephew of Julius Ceasar.   The factions that put him into power were the same that supported Ceasar.   The empire was extremely prosperous.   Adopted 5th century athens crown of leaves.

Once egypt was conquered by the romans, this marks the beginning of roman civilization The augustun age.   Its also known as the Pax Perlana   Most liked to have youthful appearance in their portrait.   Prosperity was huge during augustun rome.   It was extremely prosperous and they displayed this by

last bit of roman religion are the mystery cults.   Not much was known because they often didnt practice in public and the cults were made illegal by augustus.   It meant you didnt practice the mystery cults because it practiced things that contradicted family traditions.