The Montessori Classroom

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                                                                                                                  October 2, 2012
                                                                                                                  Lesson 7: The Montessori Classroom.
Written Assignment #1
How does preparing and maintaining the environment directly relate to the development of the child?

      Along with the absorbent mind of the child, Maria Montessori believed that the prepare
Environment was a key factor in the development of the child. She differed vastly from the traditional view of the child.   “What Montessori has done is this:   realizing the peculiarly absorbent nature of the child’s   mind, she prepared for him a special environment; and then by placing the child within has given him freedom to live in it , absorbing what he finds there”
  The traditional method of education included the teacher and the child. Montessori introduced the concept of the prepared environment. She considered the environment to be just as important as the teacher. She believed the teacher to be the “dynamic link” between the prepared environment and the child. “She described this environment as a nourishing place for the child. It is designed to meet his needs for self-construction and to reveal his personality and growth patterns to us” .   However , she went on to explain that the environment could only do so much
  Ultimately, the child is responsible for his own development. The environment and the teacher only assist. “The child then does not grow because he happens to be placed in a nourishing environment.   ‘He Grows because the potential life within him develops ,making itself...