The Monkey's Paw

The story opened with a midnight exploration of a cemetery by a trio of Joyce, Chris and me.   The atmosphere was exceptionally eerie and a crow was cawing on the branch of a sycamore tree when Joyce took out a monkey’s paw from a wooden chest that she bought at an antique shop few days ago.

"It's a monkey's paw," Joyce announced.   "A real one.   It makes wishes come true."

"Uggggh, that's so gross!"   Chris exclaimed, his face turning pale.

"You've got to be kidding!"   I said."I don't believe it."

Chris turned to me and said, "Then I dare you to make a wish.   Let's see whether or not it comes true.   If it's not real, nothing will happen, right?"

I laughed and replied halfheartedly, “What nonsense, if this tale is real, I wish all the dead in this graveyard be raised to life!”   In the stillness of the night, a gust of cold wind whirled around us suddenly and a flash of lightning lit up the moonless sky.   At that moment, I immediately regret my impulsive wish.   Then, all of a sudden, we heard squeaking sounds vibrating from beneath the earth here and there.   Chris and I could not find time to respond when we heard Joyce shrieking in utmost terror.   We both looked at her direction ---- the monkey’s paw in the wooden chest that was laid on the ground beside her was moving and was coming to life!   Instantly, Chris cried out hysterically, “Run, run, run for our lives!”

As we started to move several steps forward, the ground shook violently.   We all stumbled and fell onto a concrete path.   We were horror-stricken upon realizing that, at that very moment, the coffins were opening underground one by one.   “Good gracious!   Run!”   Chris shouted again while trying to get up quickly.   As I was trying to locate the exit, I felt a rough tap on my left shoulder.   “Joyce, I know I got to help you up.”   I reached behind me for her hand but my heart almost stopped to discover that I was grabbing a furry paw with long, sharp claws!   Blood drained completely from...