The Millenial Generation

The Millennial Generation: The hope of the future meeting the realities of the present.

The Millennial Generation is unlike any before it and has been shaped by technology and culture. The expectation that this group of people would be more successful than its predecessors is seriously in peril due to the current economic concerns and the future financial stability of the United States.

The history of America has seen its generations of people influenced by immigration, war and other significant moments that have helped define these generations to make each unique in its own way. Each has been born, matured, and has transitioned into old age as the next generation comes behind it to follow the same cycle. The newest generation, known commonly as the Millennial, is just now coming into what could be termed as its middle age and is becoming the mainstream of the national consciousness. The members of Millennial generation were born between the years of 1981 and 2000 with the oldest of them being at age 30 and the youngest just approaching the age of 10. The Millennials encompass some 92 million members according to Census Bureau figures and are the largest generation in the United States. They are a generation that have been touched by such events as the Columbine High school shootings; the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Hurricane Katrina and the corporate scandals that began with Enron (Alsop, 2008). They have been shaped by their parents, events and their attitudes into a generation that faces challenges which has made them both the hope and the concern of the future of the country.
Every parent has expectations for their children -the desire for them to succeed, to be happy, to be safe and to push beyond the level reached by their parents in wealth and standing. The same stands true for generations as each expects to see the proceeding to improve upon the work of its predecessors and progress to higher...