The Meaning of Changing of Color in Pleasantville

The Meaning of Changing into Color in Pleasantville

        Most humans have the chance feel and express their individuality in their lives, learning from their experiences whether they are good or bad. The human experience evolves and changes people by the imparting of knowledge and wisdom that cannot be gained from just reading a book.   In Gary Ross’s movie “Pleasantville” the people of Pleasantville have robotic lives are aware of things that happen in the world, but haven’t had the opportunity to experience them. Living their lives in a television show, they are depicted in black and white, in a beautiful and pleasant world where nothing goes wrong and every human experience is nothing but wonderful. As Bud and Mary Sue enter the show, some of the people of Pleasantville change from black and white to techni- color, while some do not. The meaning of some of the people changing into color grasps the viewer’s mind as to why that is so. The explicit sexual education of Mary Sue to her boyfriend Skip Martin, and her Mother Betty, the imparting of knowledge by Bud to the people of Pleasantville and the change in the thinking and emotions of the people of Pleasantville, change it into a colorful world forever.
        As the main character David and his twin sister Jennifer are fighting over the remote control   to watch their respective TV shows, they are sucked into the world of Pleasantville, where they lives are changed as they become the characters ‘Bud’ and ‘Mary Sue ’ in the actual
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TV show which is depicted in black and white. They also become black and white and remain that way until the enlightenment between right and wrong arrivest o their senses. Mary Sue being frustrated and unhappy in this new world decides to make changes to it, as she sees that the people in Pleasantville are boring with no sexual appetite. She takes her boyfriend Skip Martin, a character on the show who has no knowledge of sex, to Love Lake and imparts her idea of a...