The Manhattan Project

Alex Dombrower
Period 3
Boom Bam: The nuclear bomb changed America forever
Weapons in America: It started out muskets and cannons brought here at the beginning of the earliest settlers. Since then we have been creating bigger and more powerful weapons to secure our safety from evil and foreign threats, but it wasn’t until the Manhattan Project created the atomic bomb where we see the most significant jump in the power of one weapon that changed the United States and the world. The Manhattan project was a top-secret attempt to create an atomic bomb in World War II. The purpose of this project was simple: to build, test and use the power if necessary in the war. The Manhattan Project politically made the United States in to a dominant world power, by creating the most power of any other countries with weapons that it still has today. Economically the Manhattan Project created over 200,000 jobs in the United States and today results in a form of clean and safe energy production that is still creating jobs throughout the United States. Intellectually the project made scientific breakthroughs in science and nuclear power that had never been made before and eventually lead to many resulting advancements like cat scans and chemotherapy. Overall this underground project moved the United States forward in time by creating the country into a superpower politically, economically creating many jobs, and creating intellectual advancements that can be seen all over the world.