The Lull Before the Storm

“The Lull before the Storm.”

There was a tangible tension in the air, a silent expectancy, a waiting for all. Many creatures have already started to scurry away into hide outs, waiting, watching and listening for the unexpected to happen. All of a sudden the atmosphere had undergone a complete metamorphosis. Radiant winds from the east magnified and enveloped the entire area a great searing heat; heat which was more majestic than any before, its intensity said more.

Then, there was a feeling of something approaching. Suddenly the creatures were greeted by a cool but soft breeze, which within few minutes turned into a strong gale. It blew restlessly harder and harder so that nothing could stand against it. With the intensity of the heat and wind which caused misery to every living creature, huddled in the corners to protect themselves from the violence of the storm.

Before anyone realized the storm was over. Creatures walked away from hiding without any severe injuries. There was anxiety, shock and happiness in the air as creatures joyfully continued on their daily routines. Upon an almost perfect day again, the atmosphere in this was extremely noisy again. This time it seemed like a minor issue for an image of the atmosphere which was aesthetically pleasing.   The composition was phenomenal which added a really nice feeling to the horizon in particular.   This time the noise was the daily movement of man and animals.

Everyone was into their grove when down came the rain with all its fury, accompanied by peals of thunder, flashes of lightning and the horrific gale winds. The thunder-claps were so deafeningly loud, the lightening flashed across so terrifically bright, and the wind gushed out with a great mass of dust slowly and inexorably beginning to spin over the city. This almost frightened everyone to death. For over an hour the storm raged, causing much havoc. Huge waves rolled at the sea and the...