The Lord of the Dance

Caleb Lewallen

Lord of the Dance, More Than Just A Performance, But An Immersion To Days Of Old
Lord of the Dance is an Irish tap show. The show combines the classical dance with modern Celtic music. They use different outfits and music to set the mood for each character. To me this is the best stage show, because it combines the lights, sets, costumes, and the power of this dancing, that is what makes it the best around the world. This show has broken box office records and is still ranked number one in the world.
Stunning” so says The Irish Times, "Fascinating, rewarding & above all entertaining" The New York Post raves. These few quotes briefly describe the performance of Lord of the Dance. Lord of the Dance is an Irish dance performance created by Michael Flatley. The precision in footwork and formations, along with the company’s dynamic energy and flare, is matched by the grandeur and oomph of Irish folk music, which is injected with sass (Turbitt).   This only begins to scratch the surface and the awe inspiring nature of this performance. The first time I went and saw this show 5 years ago I did not think I would enjoy it one bit, but after that first act I could not look away from it. The sheer power and passion behind the performers was breathtaking. I had never seen anything like it and ever since that first performance I have been attend 2 to 3 performance a year.
The story follows the   Lord of the Dance and the fight against the dark lord Don Dorcha from taking over Ireland. The Lord of the Dance defeats the dark lord's with help from a spirit. There is also a story with a love vs lust theme expressed through dance throughout the show. Saoirse, the Irish Cailín fights for the love of the Lord of the Dance against the Morrighan, the Temptress
The first thing that you will notice when watching the show is that when the dancers move they move in synchronization with each other. This type of dancing does not happen overnight, these...