The London Olympics Have Started!

The London Olympics finally began yesterday!
The opening ceremony was great!!
Queen Elizabeth 2 appeared on screen with James Bond and Mr.Bean acted like a member of the ochestra. I could see the Marry Poppins and Voldemort from Harry porter.
It was a very impressive show and it seemed like a 3 hour musical.

The Korean team won the first gold medal in the Men's 10m air pistol.
The player Jin Jong Oh got 2 gold medals and 2 silver medals during 3 different Olympic games(Athens, Beijing, London).
He is going to try to win another match in the Men's 50m air pistol.
But in the past game I saw a more impressive player than Jin who had never participated in an international match.   His name was Luca Tesconi an Italian player.
He is currently a policeman. He must be the cop who shoots the best in all the world.
I wonder if he could get a gold medal in the next Olympics.

But we Koreans are disappointed in the judging of the swimming competition.
We have hoped tha Park Tae-Hwan would win the gold medal in the Men's 400M free style.
He was the deffending champion in this field.
He touched the wall first in the preliminary round, but after he hit it, a judge from Canada disqualified him.
No one could understand what had happend.
Even Ian Thorpe said, "I don't understand why, We need an instant video replay."

The Korean team filed a protest, which was rejected, then they appealed to FINA.
They decided to reinstated him because undoubtedly there was no fault, but several hours had already past.

Park did well in the final, he came in second.
He was mature and said he had no regrets about this morning.
But, he wiped away his tears at the end of his longday.

Poor Park...
We know how fast you are and how hard you exercised to get the World Record.
We will remember your effort for a long time.
And I hope you win the gold medal in the Men's 200M free style!

Cheer up!!