The Life of Street Racing

Street racing has often been seen as a sport that attracts the wild adrenaline junkies out there. This sport sometimes portrays a picture that is far from the truth, many people think it is just filled with rebellious teenagers looking for trouble. Although this at times this may not be far from the truth there is much more going on behind closed doors then people realize. This sport often takes a lot of collaboration, planning, cohesion, and a deep understanding of the mechanical works of an automobile. The desire to rebuild a working machine from the ground up according to your own personal specification in order to beat your opponent is what drives them.

Thesis statement
Street racing is an enjoyable hobby among many people but more often than none they seem to forget the possible corollaries that are involved.

The life of street racing
      In today’s age street racing is getting bigger and better every single day. No longer do you just see young teenagers doing it, more and more people are doing it.   However at the same time older people are getting involved in this sport. You will find that many different cultures take part and enjoy this sport such as Chinese, Hispanic, Americans, and Indians. No matter what your culture we all are out there for the same reason to street race, gamble money, and or loose parts. Although every race does not always involve gambling it is still just as competitive, however there are some individual that take it as serious as putting their car title up for stakes. Wood, Daniel B.; Scherer, Ron; Miller, Sara. Christian Science Monitor   Vol. 93 Issue 152. Discusses the trend of amateur drag racing in the United States.
  Street racing is a sport that is filled with endless consequences. “There were 149,568 fatal crashes and 315 involved street racing during 1998 and 2001” according to the National...