The Legend of Julius Caesar

Myths and Legends are common throughout all kinds of culture historically and presently. A myth is symbolic; we can say that a myth briefly is a religious explanation for how a custom began. A legend isn’t all the truth; we can say the story of David and Goliath is a legend as one man with the power of God can deny any man. Another way of putting things would be a ‘camp fire story’ or ‘a wife’s tale’.

Expressing a myth is not saying it is completely true as we cannot chronologically compare it to the present day. Usually throughout the course of history, near all myths relate to an act or person of Christianity, the reason for this is the Catholic Church dominating mostly throughout history but other myths such as the Muslim belief of the prophet of Muhammad exist to this day.

The Legend of Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar was born to the Julii family in approximately 100 BC, a popular faction at the time.

When people speak about Caesar and his success, they speak of how he had such an energetic way of getting things done, they say that this was the reason why he outsmarted and excelled all his rivals. In history, Caesar’s proceeder, Mark Antony is spoken to by Marcus Cirero after being elected ‘Your ambition to reign, Antony, certainly deserves to be compared with Caesar’s. But not a single other respect are you entitled to the same comparison. ( Caesar is known to be compared to Alexander the Great.

At around the age of 24 Caesar joined the military bringing the start of his legend. One of Caesar’s first influential moments would be his award of the civic crown for saving the life of a citizen in battle, after his general at the time sent him on a mission to the Nicomedes to obtain a fleet of ships from the King of Bithynia. He was successful becoming the gossip of Rome. Apparently though the way he persuaded the King (a homosexual) to obtain the ships was to sleep with him. He returned to Rome and became a...