The Legal Responsibilities of the School Relating to the Duty of Care and the Welfare of the Child,

The legal responsibilities of the school relating to the duty of care and the welfare of the child,
consists of many laws and guidance that is updated and amended continually, the child care policies and initiatives target the care, health and well being of children, with the aim to prevent harm from coming to children thus protecting them from effects of poverty, neglect, abuse, parenting problems and child abuse.
One piece of legislation is the children act 1989, this legislation ensures that a child's welfare is paramount in the making of decisions about a child’s up-bring. It clearly states the responsibilities and duties of a parent or carer of a child, it also details what local authorities and the courts should do to protect the welfare of children.
The children act 2004 is a policy that states the process for providing services to children so that the Every Child Matters achievements can be ascertained namely;
Be healthy
stay safe
enjoy and achieve
make a positive contribution
achieve economic well-being
this act requires a multi-agency approach, sharing information though shared database’s significant to a child’s welfare. It involves hospitals, schools police and voluntary organisations, sharing information and working together to ensure that children are protected from harm and to help them to achieve what they want to in life.
The newest childcare act is the childcare act 2006, this is predominantly concerned with early years and childcare. It sets out the rules for local authorities to implement the strategies through a set of new duties.