The Learning Process - Ptlls Level 3

6 - The Learning Process

If you are delivering and form of teaching/training, you need to have the skills and knowledge to enable the learners to learn in the most appropriate way for them to meet their objectives and individual learning needs.   Learners have individual learning styles and teachers should ascertain them in order to adapt and cater for the needs of all learners.

Adult learners tend to be self-directed and have their own reasons for learning.   This motivation is usually a key factor for learning.   The motivation for learning could be to further a career, personal achievement success and recognition, or just general curiosity and change.   Without motivation learners will not learn.

I should establish the prior learning and achievement of the student, to ascertain the level of support and delivery required. There should be a specific plan, course review and ongoing achievement throughout the award.   As a teacher I also need to take into account the learning pace, this shouldn’t be too fast or too slow, the level of teaching shouldn’t be too basic or too difficult otherwise this can cause learners to become de-motivated.

As a tutor/trainer I will also give learners the opportunity to discuss any concerns or queries after the teaching session, this enables learners who may not have taken in information initially to confirm their understanding.   By doing this and listening to the learners thoughts and opinions, it will help to bring trust and mutual respect to the learning process.

Throughout the teaching I will incorporate times for learners to think and reflect, participate in discussions and activities in order to make the learning process a more positive and enthusiastic experience.

Another area that encourages the process of learning is course reviews and regular feedback. This should be an ongoing process which enables the learner to get involved with their award, plan for the next step, review their progress and receive timely...