The Law of Life (by Jack London).

Question: What do you think is the story’s theme? Does the story give the reader more insights into human nature? Is there anything learned about the law of life? Does the lesson, if any, drawn out from the story still have any value to us nowadays, Vietnamese students living in the third millenium?

The title “ The law of life” mentioned in this story is the law of nature: All creatures are given birth, developed and gone to death. Human race is not an exeption: “All men must die”. Death is an inevitable thing for all, irrespective of who you are and what you do. The story also talks about the harsh condition of nature and its influence on human’s life. People, at that time, depended on nature a lot, they were not strong enough to win the nature force. So, for me, the story’s theme is: In spite of the fact that the law of life is so harsh (no one can avoid the death, the life is full of difficulties: great famine…), we have to live helpfully and responsibly, we have to treasure every minute of our life, try our best to survive, do not accept the death easily.

Through “ The law of life”, we can learn more about the law of life. We know that all men must die. They are born, grow up, get married, give birth, get old and after all they die. That is the law of nature, no one has an exception! But the important thing is that what we do to contribute to our life, our society. We have to try our best to become useful men in our society. Do not let our lives go on meanninglessly.

The author, through this story as well, criticized the passive attitude of the main character, old Koskoosh, when he was opposite to death: always being in fear of death, wandering a way into the past which was far off... And in the end of the story, he gave up all effort to survive. We can not decide exactly when we die and how we die, but we can not give up all efforts to survive. Living is the most precious thing for all species, even the smallest creatures such as mosquitoes...