The King

 King James

Lebron James has contributed a great deal of success not only to the city of Cleveland, but also to the NBA known as ( The National Basketball Association. He has became a free agent now basically having his say on whether he stays in Cleveland, or become a member of a new team. I say he is going to a new team , and this is why. Lebron James is arguebly at twenty-five one of the top three players in the NBA. He has been MVP (Most Valuable Player) in 2009, and 2010. The issue surrounding Lebron James is him not winning championships. He has playedin the NBA finals once before, and he has also played in the Eastern Conferrence Finals twice. With him not getting the championship yet, and with the Cleveland Cavaliers acquiring good players to surround him, the question is should he go to another team, and I say yes reasons being. Lebron never had a great supporting cast as the likes of Michael Jordan. The city of   Cleveland is not as marketable as cities like Los Angelas, New York City, and Chicago. Lastly Lebron's mother recently was in a controversy regarding Lebron's Cleveland teammate, and friend Delonte West alledgedlley sleeping with Lebron's mother.

During Lebron's seven years as a Cleveland Cavalier, the Cavaliers front office has struggeled to give Lebron a right-hand scoring threat in the back-court with him. During a lot of games when its clutch Lebron has to bring his team back almost all the time. Many of the good players the Cavaliers aquire hardly show up when the spotlight is on them. Michael Jordan as much as a basketball player he was, he had the support of great role players, who stuck to their roles. Michael Jordan also had another all-star on his team by the name of Scottie Pippen. Scottie Pippen was the player that made key plays to help ensure the Chicago Bulls were a legendary team in the ninties. Thats what Lebron James needs to have accompany him on his new team to get a championship.

Cleveland, Ohio...