The Killer Angels

The Killer Angels
  US History
  January 12, 2012

  In the book “The Killer Angels” is General James Longstreet wrong to obey General Lee’s orders, even though he disagrees? I believe the answers is no because if a commanding officer gives an order, unless it is illegal by law, one must follow it. What this shows is obedience, even though he really did not want to go ahead with the attack. He is very admirable because he did what was correct for his situation. General Longstreet also wanted to swing around behind the Union army and block them off from Washington, D.C., but he did not try to get the other generals to help him change General Lee’s mind. General Longstreet knew that the others would do anything for their beloved, General Lee. He also knew not to try to take command from General Lee, so he just went along with him and hoped he would change his mind about the attack. But General Lee refused to change his mind and the three day war began!

                                                  Valerie Jarrell
Killer Angels
Imagine being stuck in a place where your only alternatives are to betray yourself or to die. Face it, being stuck in any situation can be one of the worst feelings in the world. You lose all sense of freedom while in confinement, with no way out. In The Killer Angels, by Michael Shaara, General James Longstreet of the Confederate Army was faced with this situation during the battle of Gettysburg, displaying much courage in doing what he knew was right, being obedient.
The South had finally advanced into northern territory, and they were anxiously awaiting a fight that would finally end the war. They got their battle at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. On July 1, 1863, fighting broke out between Gen. Harry Heth's, a Southern General's, corps and Gen. John Buford's army from the North. After the day's fighting, Buford had held off Heth's attack and managed to take the high ground around the town. On July 2, Gen. Robert E....