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4:64-1. Uncontested Judgment: Foreclosures Other Than In Rem Tax Foreclosures
 (a) Title Search. Prior to filing an action to foreclose a mortgage, a condominium lien, or a tax lien to which R. 4:64-7 does not apply, the plaintiff shall receive and review a title search of the public record for the purpose of identifying any lienholder or other persons and entities with an interest in the property that is subject to foreclosure and shall annex to the complaint a certification of compliance with the title search requirements of this rule.
 (b) Contents of Mortgage Foreclosure Complaint. In an action in the Superior Court to foreclose a mortgage, the complaint shall state:
 (1) the name of the obligor, mortgagor, obligee and mortgagee;
 (2) the amount of the debt secured by the mortgage;
 (3) the dates of execution of the debt instrument and the mortgage;
 (4) the recording date, county recording office, and book and page recording reference of the mortgage securing the debt;
 (5) whether the mortgage is a purchase money mortgage;
 (6) a description of the pertinent terms or conditions of the debt instrument or mortgage and the facts establishing the default;
 (7) the default date;
 (8) if applicable, the acceleration of the debt’s maturity date;
 (9) if applicable, any prepayment penalty;
 (10) if the plaintiff is not the original mortgagee or original nominee mortgagee, the names of the original mortgagee and a recital of all assignments in the chain of title;
 (11) the names of all parties in interest whose interest is subordinate or affected by the mortgage foreclosure action and, for each party, a description of the nature of the interest, with sufficient particularity to give the court and parties notice of the transaction or occurrence on which the interest is based including recording date of the lien, encumbrance, or instrument creating the interest;
 (12) a description of the subject property by street...