The Joy Luck Club

Sabrina VanVyve
Mrs. Johnson
AP Lang. and Comp.
09 September 2015
Summer Reading Essay
   A mother's voice is like a bird's song. A mother's love is like warm hot cocoa on a cold winter’s day. Mothers and daughters have a special relationship that no one can break. In the book, Joy Luck Club the mothers and daughters have a bond that no one can break. June woo is the daughter to Suyuan Woo. Rose Hsu Jordan is the daughter to An-mei Hsu. Waverly Jong is the daughter to Lindo Jong. Lena St. Clair is the daughter to Ying-Ying St. Clair.
June-mei “June” Woo loses her mother Suyuan Woo towards the beginning of the book. June’s mother had very high expectations of her she wanted her to be the best. She wants her to be the best at whatever she does she wants her to speak the bet English and be the best a piano, she wanted what was best for her daughter. Most of the conflicts that June and her mother face are based on misunderstandings and failure to consider each other's feelings and beliefs. June does not understand or even fully know her mother because she does not yet know about her terrible past and the pain she still feels from the memory of it. Because Suyuan lost two daughters in China, and her entire family was killed in the war, she leaves this place behind her and placed all of her hopes in America and her family there. She wants the very best for her daughter June. I can relate to Jun in a few ways, She never wants to let her mother down. I never like to let my mother down let alone see her sad. June loved her mother very much as do I.  
Rose does not have a bitter relationship with her mother, but instead a rather distant one. When Rose knows that her mother will try to persuade her to fight for her failing marriage, Rose attempts to avoid her mother. In their relationship, her mom sees the problems that Rose faces and wants to help, but Rose pushes her away. She’d rather talk to a psychiatrist than her mother. She seems to worry about the results of...