The Issue of Human Cloning - Both Sides of the Debate

Review the movie The Tokyo Trial and discuss how it relates to the general concept of guilty

The Tokyo Trial, a movie directed by Gao Qunshu, truly recorded the process of the trial against the war criminals of World War Two from Japan. The story happened after Word War Two. In the World War Two, the Japanese army brought great disaster to the world, especially to China. But in The International Military Tribunal Far East,all the war criminals said they were innocent. After more than one thousand days of hard work, the judges from 11 countries finally convicted and sentenced the war criminals. This movie not only tell us the progress and the result of the trial, but also aware us that different people has different amount of guilty towards the same thing and how important the general concept of guilt is in the society.
  Some people have a strong sense of guilt, but some people have little when facing the same condition. Let us look back how many disasters the Japanese soldiers brought to China in the World War Two. They seized the land of China,killed Chinese soldiers and civilians, grabed the property and resources of China, raped Chinese women …. According to the data from the Chinese People's War Memorial, there were more than 35,000,000 Chinese died or injured and the war caused 560 billion dollars economic losses to China. In The International Military Tribunal Far East, all the war criminals said they were innocent. But an ordinary soldier felt very guilty.

  Why different people has different amount of guilt? Maybe interest is one reason, and cultural background is another. Some would rather hurt other’s interests to get more interests of their own, like the Japanese war criminals of the World War Two. People have different cultural background may have different amount of the sense of guilt. We can find it clearly in the comparison of Chinese judge and Japanese war criminals. The Chinese judge felt very guilty when their driver shot tow Japanese...