The Innocent Man

John Grisham the author of the story of “The Innocent Man” suggests that Ron Williamson is the killer in the bloody murder of Debra Sue Carter. The author explains to the reader what happened in the murder, by showing each trial and how it leads to the murder of Debra Carter. The trials that are presented in the story are significant as they represents how, with each piece of evidence that is presented in court, possible suspects are eliminated.
The author gives background information about Ron Williamson; he was an excellent baseball player one of the best in the small town of Ada Oklahoma. Everyone knew Ron had a chance to play professional baseball, but because he got rejected from the MLB all his hopes and dreams went down the drain. Ron’s dreams were broken by drinking, drugs and women.
The trial of Ron Williamson for the murder of Debra Carter was filled with tainted evidence and lying witnesses and consequently Ron was sentence to death on December 4th 2004. Before his death Ron stated that “She’s a liar. I ain’t going to sit for it. I didn’t kill Debbie Carter, and you are lying”. The author states that Ron was “wrongly convicted in 1988” and that the real killer was in fact Glen Gore because he was the last person to see Debra Carter at her apartment.
The reader’s reaction towards the book may be one of disappointment and sorrow. Disappointment because one would believe that the judicial system is one of fairness and it is disheartening that someone would be executed for a crime they did not commit. Sadness can also be felt for the family of Ron Williamson because he was a very talented baseball player and lived a good life before the murder. One could only imagine what level of success he would have accomplished had it not have been for the cowardly actions of Glen Gore.
In conclusion, this book is highly recommended because it shows the reader that it is not the amount of evidence that wins a case rather how accurate the evidence is when being...