The Importance of Recognising Equality Diversity and Rights Providing Children’s Services. Equality

The importance of recognising equality diversity and rights providing children’s services.
It is important that children’s services recognising that children should be treated equally no matter what background they come from. For example a child could come from a wealthy family who are financially stable where as the other side a child could come from a poor background who are struggling financial. The children’s services should recognise this and still maintain equality between the children. Being childcare workers we should treat the children equal by doing this they will learn that it is the right thing to do and follow us in doing so as they look up at us as we are their role models. Even though the children’s backgrounds are differences the children should still be treated equally.
Diversity is respecting individual’s needs and differences. Childcare services should provide the children’s needs as they may differ from child to child. For example a child may have a special diet. A child may come from a cultural background and may not eat that particular food, therefore the children’s services should provide the child with certain foods which are in their diet plan. By the child care setting being aware of the differences they can then educate the children on the differences between the cultures. When working in a childcare setting these dietetry requirements should be noted and every member of staff should be aware of it as it is for their cultural benefit. It is important that we as childcare workers are trained in issues such as diversity and rights, this way we can then learn to identify when children and their families are being discriminated against because of their race culture or disability.
Each child has rights. A child has a right to shelter, food and clothing. Childcare services should provide individual rights to individual children. Depending on the child the rights differ. For example a child who has a disability...