The Importance of Innovation and Change Within an Organization

The Importance of Innovation and Change within an Organization
In today's constantly changing world, change and innovation play an extremely important role within any organization. New technologies like faster software and hardware and improved manufacturing systems are increasing production and changing the way we do business across the globe. Newly advancing markets such as China and India are becoming more and more capitalistic, opening the door for corporations to come and do business. There are multiple elements when dealing with innovation and change within an organization. The first element is how an organization can change successfully which consists of the steps that are needed and the process that makes change happen. The next element is technological change, which is how organizations adapt and implement new technology. From new technology, organizations come up with our next element, new products and services. As these organizations become larger and larger there is the need for strategy and structure change as well as cultural changes. These two elements often go hand in hand and can be some of the most difficult to change.
There are five key factors when looking at what is necessary for successful change. The first is ideas. In order to bring about change you need to have a new idea or thought. Creativity, innovation and outside-the-box thinking play a huge role here. Often times some of the best ideas can come from the least likely places. A study conducted by Daniel Tzabbar and his team, found that "high levels of collaboration promotes innovation, as it encourages a free flow of ideas among people who must work together to discover new solutions to problems." (Tzabbar 17) With this being said, many new ideas come from the collaborations of groups and individuals within an organization.
The second factor is need. There must be a perceived need for change. Constantly changing structures, strategies, or culture can actually be a bad thing if...