The Impact of the Korean War

The Korean War’s Impact on the United States

The Korean War shaped the course of the Cold War by strengthening the United States foreign and defense efforts in the period 1946-1950. The war established important new lines of policy. The Korean War was an important war for the whole world. It was a great turning point that would determine the fate of communism, especially in the American view. Without Korea, world history would have been very different. . Mr. Lawrence is a former veteran of the Korean War.   He has many experiences that differ from what many people think of the war as now. The Korean War affected the United States socially by causing so many domestic uprisings, affected U.S. politics by determining what president would be better suited to help us in the war and it affected the United States in many negative ways.
The Korean War had a major impact all around the world especially in the United States. It had both positive and negative impacts; however the effects were mostly negative. Mr. Lawrence however viewed the impact of the Korean War in a different way. Mr. Jack Lawrence was a volunteer, yet he was never actually drafted to go into the war. The impact of the Korean War on Mr. Lawrence was actually positive in his point of view. With volunteering, he received a free college education.
“In a very positive way, it gave me a military experience, and a free college education, which meant so much to me because I probably wouldn’t have been able to afford it otherwise. That was the positive part of it. There were no negatives. If I had been in combat it might have been another story.”
Korea was the beginning of the ‘Cold War’. It was a direct result of the political division of Korea. Northern Korea was a communist area while South Korea was fearful of invasion from the North Korea. This was a military conflict between the two parts of Korea. They were supported by the United Nations, Korea and China, and with air support from the Soviet...