The Impact of the Eu Referendum on Uk Politics

The impact of the EU referendum on UK politics

On June the 24th at 06:00 it was confirmed that the UK had made the decision to leave the European Union.

There have been many changes in political parties due to this decision. David Cameron was a strong supporter of the remain campaign. Losing the referendum was a massive defeat for him. The night before the referendum there was a letter signed by 84 Tory MP’s stating that David Cameron should stay as prime minister after the vote, but this did not happen.   Theresa May has now stepped in as prime minister until the next election. Other candidates in the running for this were Borris Johnson, Andrea Leadsom, Michael Gove and Liam Fox.

After the vote the Labour party was very divided on views for the future of the country. The Labour party vote showed there was no confidence in Jeremy Corbin with the vote passing by an overwhelming margin.

Since the vote there has been an increase in members across the Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats. This surge is due to many young people who were unhappy about the result.

Nigel Farage former leader of UKIP resigned after the result of the vote even though he was a strong supporter of the leave campaign. His reasoning was that he had fulfilled his ambitions. There are five candidates in the running to replace him: Bill Etheridge, Elizabeth Jones, Lisa Duffy, Phillip Broughton and Diane James. The results will be announced on September the 15th.

The Liberal Democrats said they would stand at the next general election and pledge to keep Britain in the EU.

There was fear even before the vote, that the leave vote would hit the economy and as predicted the pound dropped about one tenth against the dollar. The FTSE 100 dipped after the vote but was starting to return to levels seen in around August 2015 after one month. However the FTSE 250 has not started to recover anywhere as much as the FTSE 100 as many of the companies are domestic and do not get a...