The Impact of Hrm

The Impact of HRM
Carla Becerril
BUS 210
September 28, 2012
C. David Nightingale, MS

The Impact of HRM
      I found several of the suggestions for improvement to be impractical. One person suggested that the company fully match any employee donation to their 401k(Hernandez, G., 2012). In a medium size company there can be 250 employees. If 100 want to contribute 15% of their income the company could be hard pressed to match that. Most companies match up to four percent to offer an incentive without causing financial distress to the business. Another student suggested that all demands be met as long as they are not too “crazy"(Harris, R., 2012). This is a vague description that would be difficult to realistically meet.
      The improvement suggestion in Labor Relations that I liked best came from Richie Dehnel. He used his personal experiences to form his suggestion. He also noted that “Different jobs require different types of working attitude…” (Dehnel, R., 2012). Keeping in mind that different attitudes are required for different jobs would help a HRM person to hire better, as well as to deal with employees better.
      For Training and Development I liked what Francisco Aponte had to suggest. He presented the idea of a personal incentive program well (Aponte, F., 2012). Getting employees involved in their own advancement will appeal to their basic needs. A motivated person will appreciate having a say in their own future and work harder to meet the goals that are set.
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