The Ideal University

What is the ideal university?
    There is no best one in the world, but probably the better university is the

  promising university which has good facilities and well-trained jfaculties.

                    My idea of ideal university is large size with advanced ficilities

                  in it which means complete learning system.   Of course, there are

                  experienced teachers, professors and well-equipped laboratories.   So

                that we students can learn as much as we can, as if we were sponges

                  in the knowledge sea.   After all, we make it to the top university

                for learning profound knowledge.   Besides the hardware environment

                our university provides, we should do our best to achieve the goal in
                  our studies.A big library is the most necessary thing in ideal
                university,he huge library should contain all kinds of books. When a

                student return his book ,he would probably solve the questions he

                has.Within the book we can not only find the things we want to know

                ,but also to understand the famous persons' thesis.Addintionally,
                there're big reviewing rooms here, so we can study quietly at this
                atomosphere.Classrooms are also significant issue in university,

                setting new technologies here is necessary, teachers may use these
                tools for teaching, it's a intinitive way for students to learn and it

                may wide our horizion.Last but not least one is the gym for students

                to take exercises in their spare time,it's better way for them to have a
                good rest after the hard work.I hope my ideal univerisity has many big
                trees for us to take a...