The Ideal Classroom

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                                                        The Ideal Classroom
Well, first off by saying this classroom is looks like it seriously needs help, it’s just so old! From what I‘ve seen so far, I really think that it needs a makeover. Even though today’s modern classrooms are filled with the same objects as any other like the little desktop computers that half-way even work and runs at a slow pace, next are the tiny little crammed desks that takes up most of the classroom in rows and then the teacher’s desk that is half-way in the middle of the room . Then the last thing is that it doesn’t even have any color expect for bland white and also doesn’t have any decorations to make it more colorful or exciting. Something’s got to be done about this classroom so that it can have more style to it and also more inviting feeling so it can be more modern and new.

To start off with first, would be the computers. The computers are so completely old because they are always have the most problems letting especially when students need to log on to the system and also because it doesn’t work properly and that is a problem. The next thing is that the computers work at a very slow pace. Like when a student needs to connect to the internet, it is slow and half of the time it doesn’t even work. It would be very good if we could get new computers for the classroom because it would help benefit us as students.

Next is the tiny little crammed up desks. We as students have to be in all of our classes all day and the majority of the time we’re in class , of course we have to be sitting in desks and it is really annoying when there’s no comfort at all in those desks. Like when I sit down...