The Hurricane

Marc Schwartz 11/25/11
The Hurricane
      Essay #1
“I’m not in jail for committing murder. I’m in jail partly because I’m a black man in America, where the powers that be will only allow a black man to be an entertainer or a criminal.” Is a quote said by Rubin Carter, that accurately portrays the legal system in the United States in 1975. In America there were many people that were still racist, and discriminated against African Americans because of the color of their skin. In the movie, many examples of racism towards Africans Americans is portrayed
For example, in the movie when Rubin was a child, he was in a park with a bunch of his friends when an older white man tried to kidnap his friend. Rubin threw a bottle at him, and it shattered upon contact with his head. When he tried to flee, the man grabbed him and tried to throw him over a cliff. In self-defense Rubin pulled out a pocketknife and stabbed him. When he was Questioned, Della Pesca just assumed that he stabbed him because he was robbing him. The only reason he assumed this was because he was racially profiling. And because of that Rubin was sentenced to 10 years at a boys home.
Then when after the murders were committed, the police officers pulled over Rubin just because one of the witnesses said she saw two Negros’ in a white care, which described him and John Artis. Even though he had any alibi and had no motive to commit the murders, they knew they would bring him down to see if the victim recognized him. When the police officers first pulled over the car and told him what had happened, his first response was “Any two will do?” And the truth was, that back then he was right because any two would have been good.
One last example of racism portrayed in the movie is when Rubin Carter went to trail. He was not given a fair trial by his peers because everyone on the jury was white. And even when he filed for an appeal because he believed that his rights were not given to him,...