The Hunger Games

Many countries are fighting the same war, a war against piracy. They are fighting a war they will probably never win. Black markets are distributing pirated goods and media all over the world. There is a great example of this in the book The Hunger Games. In the book it describes a black market that sells items that are not allowed or that are prohibited by the government. In the real world I compared the book to a real life black market that sells goods that are prohibited by the government or even local state authorities.
In the book The Hunger Games, there is a black market that allows people to bring in prohibited goods and sell them to the public. The capital prohibits the hunting of animals, so Katniss goes out into the wilderness and hunts animals and brings them back to sell at the Hob which is an illegal shop front or black market. I think this is a reasonable reaction to the capitals harsh restrictions. It may not be good for the capital, but it sure is good for the general population who are starving every day. The people may not be able to afford the goods, but if they are short on money, which most of them are. They are allowed to trade for goods. Trading is a big part of life in district 12. This black market survives because even the district officials by goods from the black market, thus gaining protection from on high.
In the real world the government takes part in black market practices, but that doesn’t mean they won’t crack down on it. When the government busts a black market piracy ring new ones always pop up. This is why it is so hard to shut down piracy. Online piracy is the most common type of piracy in North America, but in China pirated DVDs are common place. People get stolen or prohibited versions of music, DVDs or other goods and sell them so that that the government does not know about it. That way they can’t be taxed.
In conclusion our black markets are very similar to that of district 12. Especially the way that some...