The Human Experience

I chose Thomas Kinkade “Beside Still Waters” for the artwork that inspires me.   I love nature and everything about the Earth.   One of my favorite things to do is landscaping.   I love sitting outside looking around into the woods, taking long walks, and creating unique designs.   I can just sit and stare at Thomas Kinkade’s artwork.  
The human experience that relates to my life is being brought up in the country, and I mean out in the middle of nowhere; where nature is all around.   His artwork relates to the beautiful trees, hills, animals, and the creeks that form all around you.   The colors that is on Earth and seeing them in his paintings is extremely exciting for me.
What I like about my human experience is inner peace.   I love to sit outside at night listening to the sounds of life.   Tranquility is what I want in my life at all times, and I feel that when I live in the country.   Summertime is my favorite time when all the trees and plants are in full bloom.  
Thomas Kinkade’s artwork relates to my human experience by 100 percent.   His artwork is like what I do in my landscaping.   When I start my landscaping I start from scratch.   If I use flat rocks, I will put on my boots and walk the creeks till I get the rocks I need for my project.   When I look at his artwork, I know that he starts from scratch, and then it turns out to be a beautiful and calming artwork.  
The social values of Thomas Kinkade is that he is very popular with his paintings.   His cultural values is that he puts is heart into his artwork.   When he creates his masterpieces he wants everyone to feel the same way he does.   Thomas has really great moral values, and I love the work that he does.   He captures the most beautiful I have ever seen.

The view of the Earth is captivating.   Everyone needs to take time in their life to sit and look at the beauty that we live in.   A lot of artists create beauty through their work to capture these moments for the rest of our lives.   Music is also...