The Hong Kong Award for Young People

The Hong Kong Award For Young People(HKAYP) aims at providing opportunities for youngsters to join different leisure activities and voluntary services. Through these activities, they can develop their abilities. There are three levels of award which are gold, silver and bronze. This year, I joined the silver award and there were many unforgettable memories.

    For silver award, the most exciting part had to be the expeditions. I have experienced the happiest, hardest camping in my life. It was a three day - two night camp and the place was the easternmost part in Hong Kong, Sai Kung Cheung Ju(西貢長咀). The route was very long and difficult. Also, the weather was terrible during those three days. When we started hiking on the first day, we strolled on a muddy road with heavy backpack. Then all of a sudden, it started to rain. All of us were wet, dirty and exhausted.   At that moment, I really wanted to turn around and go back home immediately. Fortunately I didn’t give up there, otherwise I would have missed the beautiful view of Cheung Ju on the second day. At last, all of us finished the trip.

Nowadays, most 90s teenagers live in a materialistically comfortable environment.   Their housework is taken care of by maids. When they have problems, their parents would always stretch out a helping hand. This typical lifestyle has made a lot of youngsters too dependent. However, during the program, one should do or solve everything on one’s own effort. It is an excellent chance for teenagers to train both mental and physical endurance.

Take me as an example, if I had given up easily on the first day, I would not have seen the amazing view and would not have had many precious memories. Whenever I had a thought of giving up, I told myself that I would go home soon. And I told myself that I must try my best and tolerate the tiredness during the trip. Finally, I completed the whole trip without regrets.

Furthermore, I really think that the program is a great way for...