The Holocaust

The Holocaust was a terrible time in history. It was the mass murder of thousands of Jews between 1941 until 1945 under the Germany Nazi Regime. Adolf Hitler was the main cause of the Holocaust due to his intense hatred for Jewish people. The Holocaust can be divided into several sub-sections. Events that occurred during the Holocaust were the first stages of expulsion from society, the main event which was the mass murder of thousands of Jews beginning in 1941 going onwards, and the end of the Holocaust.

To begin, the first stages of expulsion from society were a part of the Holocaust. This started in 1933. The German’s made it very difficult for Jewish people to live in their society. They were subjected to many restrictions, orders and embarrassments. The Nazis invented numerous laws in an attempt to separate Jewish people from the rest of the German society. It became increasingly difficult for Jews to participate in regular German life and earn an honest living. For example on April 1st, 1933 a “boycott of Jewish-owned shops and businesses in Germany,” was instigated (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum 1). Therefore, Germany isolated Jews from their society by boycotting any businesses and local shops they owned.

Furthermore, they were ridiculed and not treated with any amount of respect. It became so bad that many Jewish people decided to emigrate. This all began when, “the Nazis came to power in 1933, with the blessing and support of the German Right, the German industrialists and the German army,” (Bresheeth, Hood, Jansz 26). Many people refer to this period as the Isolation or stripping of rights. Any rights that the Jews had were stripped when the Nazi party lead by Adolf Hitler came into force. To sum up, the first stage of the Holocaust was expulsion from society of the Jews.

Secondly, during the Holocaust thousands of Jews were killed. They were forced into concentration camps and brutally killed by being shot, put into gas...