The Hobbit Perilous Quest Essay

The Perilous Quest
The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien is a novel based on a fictional character named Bilbo Baggins, a hobbit who dwells in The Shire. His peaceful and carefree life significantly changed after an unexpected encounter with the wizard, Gandalf, which led to many risky adventures. He developed from a timid and stubborn hobbit into a bold and mature hero, as he progressed beyond the Shire’s safety to the exposure of the outside world.
The perilous quest that Bilbo undertook had the power to alter Bilbo’s character because it taught him how to accept failures and think quickly on the spot. For example, he sacrificed the safety of himself when he encountered the Spiders of Mirkwood, where he had to put aside his fears, in order to save the dwarves. These adventures definitely showed Bilbo that there were far more to life than to just tea parties which he gradually approved of, boosting his self-confidence and courage.
At the beginning of the novel, Bilbo was usually seen as a prim and selfish hobbit who lived a reputable life. He paid no interest to adventures of any sort and his biggest concern were cakes and tea. When confronted by Gandalf who offered to share an adventure, he replied, "We don't want any adventures here thank you! You might try over the hill or across the water,” which showed he wanted nothing to do with anything outside the Shire.
After an unsuccessful attempt to steal the Troll’s purse, Bilbo’s carelessness almost cooked the dwarves and himself for supper. The incident with the trolls was a valuable lesson for Bilbo because it taught him to put thought into his actions before doing it.
Bilbo’s contact with Gollum unquestionably revealed more about Bilbo’s potential. It also showed his soft side, like how he was going to fatally stab Gollum but instead, he felt bad for the slimy creature and decided to let him live out of empathy. This scene exposed the soft side to Bilbo and that he was not just a selfish and picky hobbit.