The Happiest Refugee Chapter Analysis

Alisha Whitfield Year 11
‘The Happiest Refugee’ Reading Log
  * In the prologue, the audience is taken on an emotional journey with Anh Do as he travels to meet/reunite with his father. Upon his arrival he notices that his father has a new family in which includes a son who was named after himself. As well as being critical of the place his father lives he is faced with the fact that his father is suffering from a brain tumour.
  * Throughout the prologue of ‘The Happiest Refugee’, I was both physically and emotionally transported to the scene that Anh was explaining I felt the anguish and confusion felt by Anh in being re-united with his hated, yet loved father. I was also shocked at the contradiction between the title, which says ‘Happy’, and the prologue, which as I said before is filled with confusion and doubt.
  * The prologue is exploring just one of the obstacles and challenges that Anh will have to face within this book. This particular obstacle is Anh himself, as he feels both confused and afraid about this meeting with his ‘drunk… charming’ father. He has so many different ideas of what his father was and what his father could possibly be like now. He tries to prepare himself for any scenario that might arise.
Chapter One:
  * Chapter One introduces Anhs’ parents’ families to the audience and explains where they come from and what they have been through in the past. It also explains how his mum and dad met, and portrays their relationship as strong and powerful. Unlike the prologue, Anh talks highly of his father in this chapter and almost represents him as a heroic figure, which saves his wife’s brothers from concentration camp.
  * I felt that chapter One entailed information that as an emotional person, I found almost heartbreaking. The reality of what other people, outside of Australia, go through is definitely a ‘wake-up’ call for me. To think that my life and my childhood is like royalty compared to the life that Anhs...