The Great Gatsby - Chapter 7

It is the hottest day of the summer, and Nick, Jordan, and Gatsby are all having lunch at the Buchanan residence. During the event, Daisy and Gatsby make their love for each other obvious, and Daisy asks Gatsby if he wants to go into the city. At this point, Gatsby stares at her passionately, and Tom is assured of their affair. His suspicions turn into reality.

Tom then convinces everyone to go into the city together. Tom, Jordan and Nick ride in Gatsby’s car, while Gatsby and Daisy take Tom’s car. On the way, Tom stops for gas at Wilson’s garage, where he learns that Wilson is aware of his wife’s infidelity, and plans to move away.

They finally reach the city, and decide to take a room at the Plaza Hotel. In the hotel room, Tom confronts Gatsby; he accuses him of lying about his past, and asks him about his intentions for Daisy. At this point, Gatsby tells Tom that he loves Daisy and that daisy loves him back. He also mentions that Daisy had never loved Tom. Here, Daisy starts to side with Tom more than Gatsby. When that happens, Tom decides to let Daisy go back home with Gatsby, to prove that she will never end up with him.

On the way back, Tom, Jordan, and Nick come across a hit and run accident that had killed Myrtle, Tom’s lover. Nick and Tom figure out that it was Gatsby’s car that hit her, and Tom thinks Gatsby was driving.

At Tom’s house, Gatsby hides in the bushes to make sure that Daisy is safe, and keep an eye on her. He also confesses to Nick that it was his car that hit Myrtle, but it was Daisy who was driving.

This chapter revealed a human nature truth; jealousy. People get jealous of what others have, or might have, even if they have no interest in the thing. Jealousy is very powerful, and exists in all humans. In this chapter we witnessed more than one example of this. Tom Buchanan was jealous of his wife’s feelings towards Gatsby, even though he was having an affair, and was doing the same thing to Mr. Wilson. He was jealous of the...