The Great Depression

Parthivi Narang
Chapter 3 presentation
Mr. Godry


“Dear Mr.Bennett:
Please help me by standing me some money and will send you my engagement ring and wedding ring as security...My two rings cost over $100 over 15 years ago but what good are they when the flour is nearly all done and there isn't much to eat in the house...”

This was a real note sent to the Conservative part leader, Richard Benford Bennett by an average citizen of Canada during the great Depression.

“I believe we will rebuild every bit of it. It will be a struggle and there will be sacrifices, but we will rebuild,”.

This famous quote was said by Richard Benford Bennett when he was elected president during the worst possible 4 years of the world’s history.
Throughout the years of 1929 to 1939, there was a world wide Depression and Canada was one of the worst affected countries. Financially and economically the country began to collapse regardless of what was done by political power basically by Bennett.

Many Canadians of the thirties felt that the depression wasn't brought about by the Wall Street Stock Market Crash, but by the enormous 1928 wheat crop crash. Due to this, many people were out of work and money and food began to run low. It was said by the Federal Department of Labor that a family needed between $1200 to $1500 a year to maintain the "minimum standard of decency." At that time, 60% of men and 82% of women made less than $1000 a year. The gross national product fell from $6.1 billion in 1929 to $3.5 billion in 1933 and the value of industrial production halved. For all the unemployed, there was a relief program for families and all unemployed single men were sent packing by relief officers by boxcar to British Columbia. There were also work camps established for single men by Bennett's Government.
The Great Depression, also known as “The Dirty Thirties”, wasn't like an ordinary depression where savings vanished and city families went...