The Great Depression

Explain your understanding of 'the American Dream'. Before the 1920s.
The American Dream officially originated in the early days of the American settlement. It started of as the poor immigrants searched for opportunities. The American Dream was like a promise of success that the Americans lived to back in the 1920s. They believed that life should be better, richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunities for the rich and poor, black and white, Christian or Muslim according to their achievements and abilities. It was a dream of social order in which each men and each woman was able to attain the fullest in which they are worthy of after hard work. They were to be recognised by others for what they were at that time and it shouldn't have mattered where they were born or what position they were in. They believed that all humans were equal and that they each had unalienable rights in life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Homesteaders and immigrants would leave the big cities in search of happiness and a piece of land for their inalienable rights. The people who went through World War II had desires of buying a home, a car, having a decent family life and most valuable to them was to own their own piece of farm land to offer jobs for the unemployed. They had dreams of wishing and hoping to stay alive and tell us about their dreams.
The American Dream helped the Americans work harder to earn more, to buy bigger cars, better places to live and more food to bring home. It was like the pursuit of material prosperity. For this they worked longer and had less time to enjoy all of the prosperity. The poor would have to work in two jobs to insure that it is enough for their families survival. Others focused more on living a simple and fulfilling life rather than gaining money.
Every man had the right to live their life, to work and to become whatever their manhood and abilities take them to, regardless of their birth and golden opportunities.  It was in the hands...