The Glee-Ification of Brodway

The “Glee-ifictaion” of Broadway
May 19th 2009 the hit FOX Television show Glee Premiered, and since that day the Broadway world has never been the same. What used to be a place full of original ideas, hardworking play/score writers, and actors of all ages striving to make it has turned into a pop culture paradise. Glee has had a large impact on not only its audience but the Broadway scene as a whole. Changing what the difference between quality music is and what it isn’t, the typically age rage to be on Broadway, and appropriate plays to be done for our current time period. But, what has caused this, what I like to call “the Glee-ification of Broadway”? This Glee trend has only been going on for five years or so, and it has spread quicker to all the arts than almost any ever seen.
In any industry your boss, director, producer, no matter the title, they want to make money. They don’t care if the product is pleasing to them personally or not it is all about the money their product brings in. Is it pleasing to my target audience? Is it making me money? If you answer yes to these questions then their answer will be “Well, I love it!” Glee makes about 3 million dollars per episode with its tween to fifty year old audience. Producers believe that if they can mimic that model the show uses they can in the long run make the same amount of money, or maybe more. Casting young actors who are unknown to public eye, playing stereo typical characters, who then are more relatable to the audience. In the end will bring in more revenue. Yes, there are some walk on star rolls but they are never the stars, or heroes. Making this audience believe they as nobodies are unstoppable. Since the audience are a large group of no bodies they believe that if the people on the stage can do it they can as well. They pursue this by buying all the merchandise available and watching the stage shows to technically try and become these people and in the end just feeding the producers bank...