The Gap Between America and Other Countries

The Gap Between America And Other Countries

      United States has had its days, and the worst part is that nobody knows it. There will surely be some slippage of America’s position over the next few decades. America being only 5% of the world’s population has put out 20 and 30 percent of the worlds output for 125 years. However this is changing, there is a growing gap between America and the other countries. Without real efforts to keep it bridged, this closeness could destroy America’s competitive edge and its political future.
      As other countries become more active, America’s enormous space for action will inevitably diminish. “Oh, my god, there are so many of them… How in the world can it possibly be good for American’s that these Indians can do the same jobs as they can for a fraction of the wages? “[The Last Super Power] “I just wanted to know why the Indians I met were taking our work…” [The World is Flat] Globalization is striking back.
      Just as the world is opening up, America is closing down. China and India are becoming bigger players in their neighborhoods and beyond. Russia is becoming more forceful even a tad aggressive. Europe acts with immense strength and purpose on matters of trades and economics. Mexico and Brazil are being more vocal about their Latin American issues; South Africa has positioned itself as leader of the African continent.
      America remains the most competitive economy in the world. The United States’ unipolarity is what provoked the rest of the world to react. The European Union now represents the largest trade bloc on the globe, creating bipolarity. China and other emerging giants gain size, the bipolar realm of trade might become tripolar, and then multipolar. However, this is yet to happen since Europe can’t act militarily, and China and India are still developing. The international system is more accurately described as unimultipolarity, meaning many powers and one super power. This messy reality makes it...