The Gallery Wall and Beyond

The Gallery Wall And Beyond
Art Criticism and Art Study-Case Study 15%
· Apply understanding of different aspects of content as appropriate using conceptual framework.
· Present a well-reasoned and informed point of view
· Use relevant examples
· Bibliography
· Approx 1000 words

Coherent, sustained convincing and well reasoned p.o.v is represented which may acknowledge that other points of view are possible.

All content is comprehensively explained and interpreted in relation to the question

The significance of appropriate examples is explained, evaluated and used to justify the arguments.

Critical arguments and historical explanations are complex, logical, maybe innovative and reveal an extensive understanding of the visual arts.
12:15 PM
“The work of artists often reflects the stimulation and/or constraints of the local environment.”
Respond to this statement with reference to two or more of the following artists.
Rosalie Gascoigne
Nam June Paik
Fiona Hall

No artist exists without any form of influence or constraint from the environment around them. Inspiration and innovation no matter how unique or original, are always   resulted from these stimuluses or constraints.   The work of an artist reflects back upon the influences of their environment and constraints do not always suggest negative connotations when regarding the creation of art.

Rosalie Gascoigne is perhaps one of the best examples of an artist, who's artworks reflect and incorporate both the stimulations and constraints of her immediate environment in her artmaking.   Gascoigne is considered a late starter in the art scene, beginning her formal artistic career during her mid-fifties. Having been born in Auckland in 1917 and later moving to Canberra in 1943 with her husband, she had been subjected to the beauty and aesthetics of the environment around her. From the great snow topped mountains of New Zealand to the bush land which surrounded her home in Canberra, this...